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Post by S7 OC on Thu Oct 31, 2013 11:20 pm

I won't lie I like what I am seeing from google in andriod. Kit kat has added some good features for a .1 incremental upgrade.
I love the way google takes advantage of other systems they have in place. Like Universal, integrated search: Now you’ll be able to look up a number for a business or person directly from the phone dialler — searching across not just your contacts, but also Google Apps and nearby places.
Or if you get a call from an unknown number and google can tell its a business it will tell you the name of it and pull up a picture associated with that business and show you all that info like it is in your contact list.  All pulled up from google now. 

Lots of this stuff was integrated in the os but you had to take other steps to get to it, like pulling up google maps to search for pizza or what ever. It is so great and a page this apple fan boy wishes apple would learn from.
I like the more customize ability that andriod offers but I also think so of the away the os is set up is clunky and a bit in polished. If it were not for the fact that the phone maker , samsung, HTC... Decides if and when you can upgrade to the newest os well I might be thinking more about switching. But that's not the case unless I go with a nexus device but they don't have enough draw to move me to think about that.  I am an apple fan boy but also see the short falls of apple/ios. I am also a google fan and a tech fan.  
Note that this is not meant to turn into an ios andriod flame war but thoughts on andriod 4.4 kit kat.

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