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The Seven Virtues of Clan Membership Empty The Seven Virtues of Clan Membership

Post by S7 K1ll3rKlown on Mon Feb 22, 2010 11:27 pm

WELCOME! The Sacred Seven (S7) clan has been created as a place to enjoy ourselves and have fun while gaming with our friends. That said, there are a few things that every recruit, core member, officer, and clan leader must possess in order to remain a member in good standing. We are a clan built on the sacred honor codes and will show maturity at all times no matter what the cost.

There are some that will show the virtues when others are looking, and then there are those that will exhibit these morale traits whether anyone is around or not—those are the individuals that we seek as members of this clan! You will be mature and show respect for others under all circumstances.

At no time will your actions cause others to question your loyalty or commitment to this clan (such as double clanning and/or cheating and boosting) in any way. At no time will you show disrespect for others because of color, creed, race, gender, educational background, sexual orientation, religious belief or political affiliation. If at any time a member of this clan feels that he’s been disrespected or sees another member acting in a manner not upholding these values, please seek council from a clan leader/officer. The Clan Command will have the final say in all decisions.

If you seek a mature place to have fun and be respectful we accept you with open arms. If at any time your actions reflect anything other than that, you may be reprimanded by your peers and clan leadership.

This clan has been built on the seven virtues of “The Way of the Warrior”. These were sacred values that men used during their daily lives and would rather die than show dishonor to their family, friends, and leaders. These are the values that will assist this clan in becoming the best that the XBL community has to offer.

The Warriors Code – Also known as the Seven Virtues of S7

I. Justice
Be acutely honest and just throughout your dealings with all people. Believe in justice, not from other people, but from yourself. To a member of this clan, there are no shades of gray in the question of honesty and justice. There is only right and wrong.

II. Courage
Rise above the masses of people that are afraid to act. As a member of this clan you must have heroic courage. It is absolutely risky, it is dangerous. Heroic courage is not blind. It is intelligent and strong. Replace all fear with respect and caution. Don’t be afraid to tell others they aren’t acting accordingly while playing on XBL and show the XBL community what a mature gamer should be at all times.

III. Compassion
Through intense training the recruits of this clan will become quick and strong. He/She will not be like all others on XBL. He/She has compassion. He/She will help their fellow man at every opportunity. If the opportunity does not arise, he goes out of his way to find one. Don’t be afraid to stand-up for what is right!

IV. Respect
The members of this clan will have no reason to be cruel. They do not need to prove their strength. Our members are courteous even to his enemies. Without this outward show of respect we are nothing more than animals. The members of this clan will not only be respected for his strength in battle, but also by his dealings with other men.

V. Honor
The members of this clan have only one judge of his honor; and that is himself. Decisions you make and how these decisions are carried out are a reflection of who you are truly. You cannot hide from yourself.

VI. Sincerity
When a member of this clan has said he will perform an action, it is as good as done. Nothing on this earth will stop him from completing what he has said he will do. The action of speaking alone has set the act of doing in motion. Speaking and doing are the same action. Above all, be true to yourself first!

VII. Loyalty
As a member of this clan, having done something or said something, the person knows that he is a part of that thing. He is responsible for it and all the consequences that follow. All members and officers will be intensely loyal to those in his care. To those he is responsible for, he remains fiercely true.

These are but the starting points to remain a member in good standing in the Sacred Seven. Any member that breaks these rules, or becomes in some way unworthy to fly our colors may be banned. The rules governing these actions will be discussed by the officers and the member will be given ample opportunity to voice his side of the argument and clear his/her name. The clan rulings come from the Clan Command, made up of the five founders of the clan. Once a decision has been made and the Clan Command has decided your fate, it is not up for discussion any further.

Remember: Be as respectful and gracious in defeat as you are in victory and you will be fine....
And above all, have fun!!!

Clan Motto: We are a brotherhood bound by honor, our strength is in our numbers, We Are S7!
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