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Post by S7 Sticky on Wed Mar 05, 2014 10:13 pm

Made this topic so we can list all  S7 Member stream link so people can follow one another and watch some epic pwnage !!!!
I will make this topic locked to keep it clean with all the info  on this one post if you would like me to link your stream please send me a PM and ill add it on here for all to see

Please Make sure to follow on another XD i  have followed all listed below with the main S7 channel

My Stream i use the twitch channel for the clan  PC games and Xb1 streaming (mybe a fev last gen as well both ps3 and 360)

PS4 Streamers

Zaks Stream

Evol's Stream

Puppet 's


Xb1 Streamers




PC Streamers


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