Daily and Clan ops Challenges.

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Daily and Clan ops Challenges.

Post by S7 OC on Tue Feb 12, 2013 2:40 pm

This week they have changed it up a bit, and while there are not 2 CTF nights I'm not super crazy about what they have added (HQ anyone?). Still, it adds some variety. The new Zombie challenge that normally starts Thursday has not been listed yet, but I'll make a separate thread for that when I sign us up.

Daily Clan Challenges-
Monday = Total Plants (Demolition) 20(+100)/40(+100)/60(+100)
Tuesday = Total Flag Captures (CTF) 15(+100)/30(+100)/45(+100)
Wednesday = Total Captures (HQ) 25(+100)/50(+100)/75(+100)
Thursday = Total Confirms (K-Confirm) 125(+100)/250(+100)/500(+100)
Friday = Total Kills (TDM) 250(+100)/500(+100)/750(+100)

And the Clan Operations for the weekends are the same as previously:

Weekend Clan Ops-
Saturday 1:00 pm EST= Core Kill Confirmed, Highest Total Confirms
Sunday 2/03 5:00 pm EST= Core Team Deathmatch, Highest Total Kills

Remember- in a Clan Challenge all clan members on Elite can contribute to the total score in the 24 hour period (or weekly for the weekly zombie challenge), and they have a different challenge each day. I they start at 9 a.m. EST and run for 24 hours or until the gold level score is completed. I've listed the Bronze/Silver/Gold game point levels and corresponding points in the challenges.
The Clan Ops are for a 3 hour period only, and take the top 6 scores for the clan members on Elite, and you are awarded based on the competition of the top 6 scorers from other other registered clans.

You can click on the challenge/op above to be taken the the page on COD Elite and view the progress. I would suggest opening a separate window/tab and logging into Elite before hand, and even then it will not always show you the progress as Elite is not the most reliable.

Also note- it appears HC or Normal, all modes count the same in the challenges (I don't think it works for the Ops).



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