Happy Festivus

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Happy Festivus

Post by S7 mrmiller on Fri Dec 23, 2011 9:32 pm

It's Dec 23rd, otherwise known as Festivus, and it doesn't end until the feats of strength!

Festivus Facts-

The Dec. 23 holiday, marks the anniversary of the creation of Festivus, as conceived by Frank Costanza, Festivus has become increasingly popular as an alternative holiday.

The holiday consists of four main traditions:

1. The Erection of the Festivus Pole: An unadorned pole selected for it's "very high strength-to-weight ratio"
2. The Festivus Dinner: Meatloaf, alcohol optional
3. The Airing Of Grievances: Family and friends take the opportunity to tell one another how they've disappointed them in the past year
4. The Feats Of Strength: A wrestling competition that doesn't end until the head of the household has been pinned.

For more on the holiday, check out the video above, or, for real devotees, check out festivusweb.com for more on the holiday.



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