Rise of Iron - Pre-Launch (XB1)

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Rise of Iron - Pre-Launch (XB1) Empty Rise of Iron - Pre-Launch (XB1)

Post by Air7Cav on Fri Sep 09, 2016 4:06 pm

For those who haven't logged onto Destiny in a while, there are some new additions to the GUI.

On startup, you will see new logo and title screens. Then you are asked to agree to the SLA.

Upon choosing a character, you will notice the upgrade icon in the upper screen as your ships sits in space. That means you will have ALL - I repeat ALL - of your of your wpns, armor and subclasses with upgrade symbols. So I had to slide my cursor over each upgrade to clear it. The upgrades are still there as before but you need to clear the icon.

As you flip thru the tabs (LB/RB), you will see new layouts for the various screens, e.g. Inventory now has a section for Ornaments. Also in the Progress tab, you will see a new Record Book for Rise of Iron (inactive) so there will be book ranks similar to the Year 2 Record Book. Clearing the record book based upon what tasks you have completed will result in an increase in Book Rank and new shaders or emblems as rewards. In the Year 2 Record Book I'm at Book Rank 3 and got a new shader and emblem. Probably won't get beyond that, especially if I have to do anything raid related.

Checked to see if there are any new wpns and armor available yet but the kiosks don't show anything different yet.

Did notice that I got a new emote dropped into my accounts for each character. Razz

Will probably see more things ease in as we run up to the launch. Looking forward to getting back to Destiny with some new content.
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Rise of Iron - Pre-Launch (XB1) Empty Re: Rise of Iron - Pre-Launch (XB1)

Post by S7 mrmiller on Sat Sep 10, 2016 2:40 am

New exotic sidearm and higher light level legendary boots have also been released. Some of the comodrone strikes also have the SIVIA (sp?) in them as well.


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