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Post by S7 OC on Wed Nov 09, 2016 9:38 am

A cool quote I found this morning that I wanted to share

No matter who the president is, we all still have the choice everyday to be positive, respectful, and to spread that to one another.

Ya it's kind of corny in a way but that is what I find to be important in world full of unknowns and possible changes for better or worse. After a year of reading hate on facebook from both sides I'm sure you are all as sick of it as I am. I hope people who chose to post things like that don't find other topics to feed hate into. 

I for one was not fan of either candidate but always hope that people can come together and do what is best for America and it's people first. I still have that hope today. Be respectful be positive and that is a great start to how we can get there. From one man who loves his country to many of you I call my brothers  have a great day see you online. 

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