GC playing more than just COD

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GC playing more than just COD

Post by S7 COOP on Sat Mar 19, 2016 1:56 pm

Whats up everyone, just wanted to let you guys know that since the recent development of xbox sharing with CivilWarrior i've inherited quite a few games. I've been trying to split time between COD, rocket league, assassins creed, battlefront, world of tanks, rainbow six siege, and now the division.

Don't take this as an "i'm not gonna play with anyone on COD". If you're online please hit me up. If i can i'll switch over.

I just wanted to give a little PSA that i haven't given up on Cod, just due to the inactivity lately i've been exploring other games. I'm still here and ready to party up and stomp some pubs. That being said, tonight is my first night on The Division, so i plan on doing that all night. Other than tonight let me know and after i finish a level, mission, match, etc. i'll join up with you.

Also i hope to have another tournament soon that will allow more members to play, i'll pay attention this time to not have one on a new game launch like i did with the division. Thanks a lot



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