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The Division: Race for Glory! Empty The Division: Race for Glory!

Post by S7 Interseptor on Fri Mar 11, 2016 3:21 pm

Tonight is a special one-time event as one man is in a race for fame, fortune and glory.  Join us as Kenny attempts an impossible run against the clock.  Starting at around 5pm est, our very own Kenny will attempt to power-level from his current rank of 18 (almost 19) all the way to lvl 26 in just four hours.  The deadline is 9pm sharp.  Failure will be costly but winning will be equally rewarding.  Check out the details below:


The Run: From lvl 19 to lvl 26 in approximately 4hrs
Start time: 5pm eastern (or a little early depending on traffic)
Finish time: 9pm eastern sharp (no extensions)
The stakes: High-End lvl 30 Yellow Gear

This is pretty complicated but basically several pieces of High-End Yellow Gear are at stake.  Both myself and DeadSockPuppet have bet Kenny that he can't do it.  If he makes it the loot is his.  He he fails to hit 26, he has to pay out (and if he fails to hit 25 he has to pay out big!)  So join us tonight in the stream as we watch history in the making.  Laugh, cry, troll Kenny on his epic run and watch him fall flat on his face?  Should be a blast!

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