Official Random Doubles SnD League

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Official Random Doubles SnD League Empty Official Random Doubles SnD League

Post by S7 KnightOwl on Wed Feb 03, 2016 2:07 pm

S7 Random Doubles SnD League Rules

We would like to introduce to you an intra-clan Search and Destroy league. Each season will be 6 weeks long. Each week you will earn points based off your weekly performance. At the end of the season your points accumulated will determine your season placement. How you finish in the season standings will earn you a prize or points toward the end of the year prizes. Below is the details of how this will all work.

Date & Time

Season 1 starts Thursday February 4th @8:00pm Eastern (Each week is expected to last around 2 hours). League night will be held every Thursday.


Teams will be randomly chosen each week using a RNG. Since this is a doubles league, teams will be of two. Once we have everyone in a lobby we will use your lobby position to RNG two numbers and pair everyone up until we have all the teams. How your team finishes every week will determine the points you earn.


Maps will be chosen via RNG for every round.

Game Rules

The only changes to the standard Search & Destroy settings is "Friendly Fire" is turned "ON"

Party chat is allowed since team chat doesn't work very well in private lobbies.


Once we have the teams picked we will split off and start pool play. Every team will play every team once. We will use every teams W/L record to see who goes to the finals. The finals will consist of the top 4 teams each week. In the event of a tie in record we will play a one game series to determine who gets the last spot. All finals games will be best 2 of 3 while the championship game will be best 3 of 5.


Each week you will earn points based off your teams performance. You and your teammate will earn the same amount of points. The points you earn each week will get added to your season total. The points system is as follows.

Weekly League Night Points

Weekly Finish         League  Points

1st                              10
2nd                              8
3rd                               6
4th                               5
5th                               4
6th                               3
7th                               2
8th+                             1

If we have less than 8 teams the last place team will earn 1 point. Any team not making the finals will start at 1 point a will go up by one point for every team they finish higher than.

Season Standings will determine how may points you earn toward the end of the year prizes.

Season Finish                 Year End Points

1st                                         10
2nd                                         7
3rd                                          5
4th+                                        1

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