Nolan North claims TLoU 2 is a go

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Nolan North claims TLoU 2 is a go

Post by DeadSockPuppet on Thu Dec 31, 2015 7:54 pm

It's nothing definitive, but Nolan North "confirmed" it's in the works when asked by a fan if he was working on anything aside from U4 for Naughty Dog.  He said no but that the studio was working on the sequel.  That being said, Troy Baker (Joel in TLoU) says he doesn't know anything about a sequel.  It's still early and there's nothing official from the studio, so that could mean either Baker hasn't been contacted yet, Joel is absent from the sequel (possibly just follows Ellie), or a new voice actor is being brought in.  

As I said, it's early but I thought I'd share for the fans of the game.

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