Best ways to utilize double XP!!

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Best ways to utilize double XP!!

Post by S7 COOP on Thu Nov 19, 2015 6:47 pm

Playing Hardcore Kill Confirmed:
Use a heavy damage weapon such as the KN44, Shevia, XR2, and M8A7.
One shot medals are given in hardcore so if you kill in one hit (the above guns have good OHK range) you get a bonus 100xp.
So: 150 for a one hit kill kill +100 for a tag confirm = 250xp.
With double XP 250 = 500xp per kill and confirm. This disregards all other accolades.
On average, I get 10,000-18,000 xp a match without double xp.

Playing Hardcore or Core Domination:
Shoot down all air support, You get upwards of 75xp for all the things you shoot down so running engineer is also a good idea for you to be able to see all the equiptment/scorestreaks as you also get 75xp for HCXD and equiptment destroys

Run UAV, CUAV (HATR if you're good enough) and care pack if not. The UAV and CUAV assists will be great XP boosters and the HATR will also be great but the care pack will earn you a few extra kills usually for whatever streak you get out of it. Combined with engineer from the previous tip you get to reroll care packs as an added bonous to getting better contents.


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