Neverwinter: Optimized for Xbox One

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Neverwinter: Optimized for Xbox One

Post by S7 Sticky on Fri Mar 20, 2015 6:42 pm

As Neverwinter makes its way onto Xbox Ones across the globe, we thought we would take the chance to let our community know about the look and feel of Neverwinter on Xbox One.

The Xbox One version of Neverwinter will bring with it a streamlined version of the PC’s controls all conveniently mapped onto the Xbox One controller.

During the weekend of February 5th, Neverwinter held a closed beta for its Xbox One incarnation. The outpour support and enthusiasm we received from our community was astonishing. In addition to letting the future heroes of Neverwinter take their first steps into the Forgotten Realms on Xbox One, our beta also allowed us to gather crucial feedback and get information on any bugs players might have encountered.

After receiving pages of insightful comments and critique, we’re pleased to say that players can look forward to a cornucopia of improvements to the Neverwinter experience. Being able to observe how Neverwinter performs when it’s occupied by thousands of players allowed us to make some back-end server configurations that will serve to improve the overall gameplay experience. With these changes we were also able to identify key areas in which we could optimize game performance to increase stability for players and fix issues that could cause some players to crash.

Along with these stability updates came a number of bug fixes and quality of life improvements. We were also able to make some tweaks to the game’s UI to make it more user-friendly. While a mini-map will not be included at launch on Xbox One, the feedback was definitely heard and we will be discussing solutions for subsequent updates.

The best part about all of these improvements to the Xbox One version of Neverwinter is that it was a joint effort between the community and the developers. Without feedback from our devoted community, we wouldn’t have been able to this great game even better.

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Re: Neverwinter: Optimized for Xbox One

Post by OneBadHuskerFan on Fri Mar 20, 2015 7:07 pm

Sounds good.  I'm not sure if I plan on putting much time into the game but I'll give it a shot.
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