I would like to Join S7

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I would like to Join S7

Post by MOIST PLONKER on Wed Feb 18, 2015 8:22 pm

HELLLLLO! My name is Grant I am from London but now live in North America.

I am 25
With a mic
Elite presdige
I have won all previous Diamond clan wars with JTOG
They have all given up so I am looking for a new clan

My Xbox one User name is MOIST PLONKER

add me up drop me a message on xbox


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Re: I would like to Join S7

Post by S7 Sticky on Wed Feb 18, 2015 8:44 pm

Thank you for stopping  by  if you plan on joining The Sacred Seven please fill out the application Thanks =)


(First name or at least what we should call you in game)

XBL GamerTag/PSN ID:
(Also place your GameTag/PSNID in the proper place on your profile)

(What you prefer to be called online- for example your GT might be "xPyroManiac666x" but you like to be called simply "Maniac" or maybe even "Steve")

(if 21+, exact age optional)

(At least a state and time zone)

Normal Gaming Hours:
(Specific Times or Generalize, afternoon, late night, etc...)

Games Interested in playing with clan:
(Specific Games or Game Types)

Preferred Gaming Platform:
(Console- Xbox, PS3)

Gaming Skill (1-10, 5 average, 10 elite):
(Generalize it, or based on games interested for with the clan)

Gaming Style:
(Casual, Relaxed, Competitive, Hardcore, etc)

What brings you to S7?
(Friends with someone here, played with someone in clan, read a post in a forum...)

Do you understand the Clan's code of conduct, agree to uphold seven virtues of S7, and agree to the rolls and responsibilities of becoming a clan member?
(You can add additional comments here as well)


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