Favorite Diablo Builds

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Favorite Diablo Builds

Post by S7 mrmiller on Sun Feb 08, 2015 10:27 pm

This is my favorite build right now. I call it my Earth, Wind and Fire build geek

I run no resource generator/primary skill.

I Run:
Earthquake with Giants Stride (fire in your steps)
Whirlwind with Molten Fury (fire dmg) or Wind Shear (fury for ever enemy hit)
War Cry with Impunity (more resistance)
Battle Rage with Bloodshed (crit hits cause explosions)
Leap with Death From Above (stun at point of impact)
Wrath of the Berserker with Striding Giant (increased dmg resistance)
Passive 1 = Earthen Might (fury from EQ - x3 fills meter)
Passive 2 = Weapons Master
Passive 3 = Rampage
Passive 4 = Superstition

Mandatory Gear:
Lut Socks
Earthen Might Set (helm, shoulders, pants)

Suggested Gear:
Maximus (or a good Devastator paired with good Burning Axe of Sankis)
Ring of Royal Grandeur
Taeguk Gem
Bane of the Powerful Gem
Bane of the Trapped Gem
+ to fire damage amu, bracers, and ring (SOJ).

This hits with a lot of fire damage. Besides the Earthquake, the steps you take while WW will burn, and the explosive dmg from the crit kills will too. I put WW on the right trigger and pretty much never let up. That allows the Taequk gem to keep stacking, and you can just hit the triple jump earthquake to reset any fury (from earthen might) and keep rolling. Bane of the trapped hits hard each time you land with the Death from Above Leaps. Pop WotB for the big bosses and Nemesis's.

I like the Maximus for the big weapon damage added to the WW and EQ's, but also for the fire chain to the demon it summons. Whirwinding with the fire chain around you and +fire skills is big time damage.

I love this build. It is so fun and fast. I can tweak it when doing T6 runs to replace WotB with Sprint to make it even faster, but prefer the WotB for the Greater Rift runs.



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Re: Favorite Diablo Builds

Post by S7 Sticky on Mon Feb 09, 2015 12:19 am

Right now the build i use the most is on my DH i call it frame drop city.

Skill i use

A button = Elemental Arrow with frost arrow
RT = Cluster Arrow with maelstrom
X =Sentry with polar station
Y = preparation with punishment
B = Vault with tumble
RB = Companion with Wolf

= Passives =
Cull the Weak
Custom Engineering

Kridershot bow (must have for build to work
Frostburn (not required but is a good glove to have for cold)
5 set Marauders i use shoulder helm chest boots and pants
Royal Grandeur ( so i dont need to rock the full 6 set just 5)
The witching hour belt (always a big DPS jump)
Hellfire Amulet (not required but free passives are nice if you can get it to roll nice i got Steady Aim pasive)
Reapers Wrap ( a must to help keep resources up)
Bombardier's Rucksack (must have for this build )
Natalya's Reflecting (ring not required but i have a good roll on it )

= Leg Gems=
Bane of the trapped ( a must )
Bane of the powerfull ( a Must)
Wreath of lighting ( if you have an open 3rd socket its up to you on what goes their i just like the add dps )

This build has Crazy amount of AOE DPS often times hitting enemies off screen. The trouble comes with trying to keep resources up but if you can mange to keep it up i find it easy to solo or even 4 player do greater rifts 45-49

How you play it is when coming into combat spam x 3 times that will drop 3 sentry's all shooting by themself and also give you 100% more DPS per sentry up when its a small amount of targets say 5 or under i would use your primary attack A button and pick people off .. If its a big group i would spam RT which is your main AOE attack and the bulk of your DPS for this build. If you happen to not have alot of resources hitting Y button when its off cool down will give you alot of it back .
When going up Vs and Elite mob , Rift Guardian or goblin i would spam x3 times hit RB which will make your wolf howl giving added DPS SPAM RT untill dry on resources then Y button boosting Resources followed by more RT spam and hitting B when ever you need to get out of battle.

This build right now i feel is the most OP build when done right . not as easy as say a WD pet build but sure is fast with loads of DPS . only down fall is there is not much room to change around gear as most of it is required to do the build right\

Thing you would like to stack once you have the cores down (dex , sockets cc cd )
First thing i look for is Cooldown Reduction as that helps keep my sentry 's up
Next big thing is Resource cost reduction so i can spam RT more
Last thing is % damage to sentry or cluster arrow

I for one love this build not the funnest to play but among the easy ones.. I have All the other classes done as well so if people would like me to post other class builds i dont mind at all just ask.. but for any one that has a DH and is hurting i would really recommend this build


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