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Clan COC and GamerTag List

Post by S7 mrmiller on Sun Feb 01, 2015 8:27 pm

Sacred 7 Chain of Command and GamerTag list.

Clan Command

Generals (GEN) - Clan Command

mrmiller - XBL GT: mrmiller

OC -

Sticky - XBL GT: S7 Sticky

*Knight Owl - XBL GT: S7 KnightOwl

Clan Officers

Colonel (COL) - Clan Officer

K1ll3rKlown -
XBL GT: S7 K1ll3rKlown

Uncle Charles -
XBL GT: Uncle Charles,PSN ID: UncleCharles-1

Glock - XBL GT: S7 Glock

Coolhand - XBL GT: S7 Coolhand

Droopy - XBL GT: S7 Droopy

Atrum -
XBL GT: AtrumX

Clan Advisors

Clan Advisors (CA) Advisors to the CC and mentors of the clan.

Nate aka Tico - XBL GT: S7 Nate64D

Interseptor - XBL GT: S7 Interseptor, PSN ID: Interseptor_  

Jwriter -
XBL GT: S7 Jwriter

Game Officers


Captain (CPT) - Game Captain (GC) responsible for, and in command of, their respective game.


Lieutenant (LT) - Game Executive Officer (XO) aids in the management of their respective game and its members.

Special Officers

Master Warrant Officer Clan Special Officer

.  .      .    
Warrant Officer (W1-W4) Game Special Officer

Senior Members

Sergeant MajorSenior Member promoted for exemplary service to the clan and serving multiple years with honor.

Air7Cav -
XBL GT: Air7Cav

Big M Easy -
XBL GT: S7 Big M Easy

Zalacious -
XBL GT: Zalacious

S7 SockPuppet -
XBL GT: S7 SockPuppet , PSN ID: DeadSockPuppet

Rolling Thunder -

Epic -

Magus -
XBL GT: S7 Magus, PSN ID: S7Magus

Pharaoh -
XBL GT: Pharaoh Amun Ra

Security Guy -
XBL GT: S7 SecurityGuy

Giraffe -
XBL GT: HelloGiraffe

Husker -
XBL GT:OneBadHuskerFan

Skip -
XBL GT: S7 Skipito

Likwid - XBL GT: Likwid Apex, PSN ID: LickwidApex

Rowdy Flash - XBL GT:S7 RowdyFlash

Huck Finn - XBL GT: HuckFinn0722

Anonymous - XBL GT: S7 Anonymous

Panzer -
XBL GT:S7 Panzer, PSN ID: S7 Panzer

Tiptongang - XBL GT: tiptongang6

Maverick - XBL GT: DerangeMaverick

*Xpert - XBL GT: Xpert2010

Veteran Members

Sergeant Veteran Member promoted for dutiful service and contributing to the clan on multiple fronts.

*S7 Sourkrout - XBL GT: S7 SOURKROUT

*Heisenberg -
XBL GT: S7 Heisenberg

*Plague -
XBL GT: S7 plague

*Ragnarok -
XBL GT: S7 Ragnarok

Evol - XBL GT: Evol Recovery, PSN ID: EvolRevel

Race Car -
XBL GT: racecardriver23

BonzOmega -
XBL GT: S7 BonzOmega

CrazyHorse Sr -
XBL GT: CrazyHourse Sr

Active Members

Corporal (CPL) Active Member promoted for upholding the clans ideals and beliefs.

*Conscious Entity - XBL GT: ConsciousEntity

*AstroCyborg -
XBL GT: AstroCyborg

*Cali3Prim3 -
XBL GT: Cali3Prim3

*Ricopsuedo -
XBL GT: Ricopsuedo

*S7 Legendary Sarg -

*S7 Little Spoon (Frosted) -
XBL GT: S7 Little Spoon


*Telcontar777 - 
PSN ID: Telcontar777 

Private (PVT) New Recruit who is a full member of the clan upon passing probation

Eternal Plague - XBL GT: EternalxPlague

UWinWithWin - XBL GT: UWinWithWin

Wobble Pops - XBL GT: Wobble Pops

Nathan33036 - XBL GT: Nathan33036

*Christ is Kiing - XBL GT: Christ is Kiing

*Traxological - XBL GT: Traxological; PSN ID: trax44

Click on the members GamerTag to be taken to where you can easily add them to your friends list from the link. Members with Green and/or Blue tags are active and hit the last roll call, members who's tags are Yellow are active, but missed the last roll call. Members tags that are Red are considered inactive at their current rank and have missed one or more roll calls. Remember- you must post active to roll call to be considered eligible for promotion, awards, clan matches, and prizes in clan events. Also, if you miss too many roll calls, you will be removed from the rank listing as an inactive member in the clan. Members hold the highest position listed, as multiple ranks may be presented noting particular duties and responsibilities.

Members with an asterisk (*) are new to their rank since the last update.  

Click HERE for the Clan Rank Structure and Descriptions

Insignias from :

  Fall 2015 Update
(Updated 11/03/15)


We are a brotherhood bound by honor, our strength is in our numbers, we are S7!
*General Disclaimer- I can't type or spell
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Re: Clan COC and GamerTag List

Post by S7 mrmiller on Wed Nov 04, 2015 12:24 am

Fall 2015 Update

It has been a long time since we updated the rankings, and there have been a lot of changes with some much needed advancements. We've have had a lot of new and active members who have joined in the past year, and they have been advanced in rank as valuable members contributing to the group. Most of the clans expansion and activity has been due to Call of Duty AW, and the many members who stepped up in leadership roles as officers for the game. The games officers have spent extra time leading games, clan wars, and practices. These members have been advanced in the clan ranks to show their tremendous service to the clan. The success of COD couldn't have been accomplished without the leadership that KnightOwl displayed at the games GC. Not only was he instrumental in COD's success in the clan, but in the continuing the success of the clan as a whole in keeping clan gaming fun and active for all members. He's been doing this for a long time, and has truly become one of the clans biggest leaders. For all he has done, it was time to reward KnightOwl with a proper rank to denote his activity and leadership in the clan. Therefore I would like to welcome KnightOwl to the Clan Command at the rank of General. We in the CC thank you for all you have done, and look forward to your continued leadership as one of the Clan's Command.

There are a ton of new games out and more coming soon, and we should have many opportunities to keep the clan growing and activity up. I'm looking forward to more movement in the clans ranks in the future. 



We are a brotherhood bound by honor, our strength is in our numbers, we are S7!
*General Disclaimer- I can't type or spell
Clan Founder
S7 mrmiller
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Brigadier General

Posts : 6144
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