Clan Wars Roster Policy (UPDATED)

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Clan Wars Roster Policy (UPDATED)

Post by S7 KnightOwl on Fri Nov 07, 2014 4:20 pm

-Clan Wars Roster Policy-

A new season of clan wars is upon us. Last year we finished 321st in diamond division and I would like to see us surpass that mark. I hope to recruit some new members and wanted to make a post outlining what the roster policy will be and help answer some questions. This is a competitive team. As we climb the leader boards the roster policy will start to get stricter. 

The new app allows for us to set a clan wars roster without having to drop and add people every week. This will allow those not interested or unable to play in a clan war the opportunity to keep their clan tag. Beachhead studios has changed the way the clan wars roster works. Now I must choose what clan size we want to compete in and its first come first serve. This doesn't work for a couple of reasons. Basically we could have a roster full of members that are not very active and this could cost us a war. To help alleviate this issue we have added a few requirements for anyone to make the roster. The app now allows me to bench members who will not be active for clan wars.

-Diamond Division-

You must have replied active to the COD:AW roster thread prior to the clan war

50% minimum commitment for active roster; This does not apply to members playing support

You must have played with a COD:AW Game Officer

In order to remain on the clan roster you must reply active to COD:AW Roll Call

If you will be absent during you replied available time we ask that you at least reach out to a game officer and inform them of the situation.

Unexcused absences will result in being benched for the next clan war.

S7 KnightOwl has the final say on who makes the active roster. There may be times where a probationary member meets all the requirements but gets left off the roster for strategic reasons such as favorable bucket size etc...

COD:AW officers in ranked order

  • S7 KnightOwl
  • S7 COOP
  • Huckfinn0722
  • S7 Heisenberg
  • S7 S0URKR0UT
  • S7 Plague

Everyone including probationary members will be allowed to participate if they express an interest to do so. So long as they meet the roster requirements. Keep in mind that full members will get priority in parties over any probationary member. We may tweak the roster requirements as we progress through the season. Roster management is a huge part of clan wars and we must stay aggressive if we are to finish highly.

I do expect us to be very active in clan wars and will be keeping in touch on the forums and XBL. Before every clan war I will post a roster thread asking those who want to attend to post up their available days and times. This will help me to finalize the roster and keep in touch with those participating. Keep in mind that every clan war will have its own roster thread.

If you get removed from the clan wars roster you can be added back to the roster after the clan war has ended. Being removed from the roster in game does not mean you are removed from the clan but just sitting out a clan war. If you sit out a clan war all you have to do is simply request to rejoin and I will accept.

I look forward to this year’s clan war and will be very active on the forums. Keep in touch with me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.
See you on the battlefield
S7 KnightOwl

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