Diamond Division Schedule

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Diamond Division Schedule

Post by S7 KnightOwl on Mon Jun 30, 2014 3:03 am

Diamond Division Schedule

Manila, Philippines
July 19th – July 20th
Helsinki, Finland
August 2nd – August 3rd
Buenos Aires, Argentina
August 16th – August 17th
Budapest, Hungary
September 6th – September 7th
Mombasa, Kenya
September 20th – September 21st
Clan Wars Battle Royale Returns for the Final War
Battle Royale returns for the final Diamond Division engagement on September 20th in Mombasa, Kenya. Diamond Division Clans from all three regions – US West, US East, and Europe – will compete against each other to determine the strongest Clans across the globe. 
Follow Us for More Info
Follow @BeachheadStudio on Twitter for the latest information leading up to and throughout the remainder of this season’s Clan Wars activity, including times, award info, and other further details.


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