Friday's late night forza tourney 4/12

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Friday's late night forza tourney 4/12

Post by S7 OC on Fri Apr 12, 2013 9:42 am

I am proud to present Kenny's Team Keep-It Tourney. This is a team event. Here is the breakdown of how the event will go:

Players will be broken down into teams (up to 4 teams total). Each team will fight over keeping the "IT". Every time someone on your team holds the IT, your team get points. The team with the most overall time holding the IT wins the round. Time stacks from round to round and the team with the most overall time held at the end of the night wins.

Points of interest:
-This is a time based event (not Laps)
-Each Round will be 10 minutes
-Damage will be Cosmetic
-Anything goes (No rules)
-All players/teams can go anywhere and do anything (working as a team will be key)
-IT player/team will be chosen randomly before the match begins

The rules are pretty simple and as follows:

This is an LNS Tourney and anything goes. The event will be 7 rounds, 10 mins each.

Date: Friday April 12, 2013 (<- THIS FRIDAY)
Time: Racing starts at Midnight Eastern Time (12am - technically Saturday morning)
Car Class: S-Class and lower (that's right, anything S or below)
Damage: Cosmetic
Collisions: Always On
Starting Grid: Random
Tracks: TBA
# of Races: 7
# of Laps: 10 min Timed Event

S7 Members ONLY!

The winner will be decided by the highest total cumulative time holding the IT. ex) If your team finished all 7 rounds holding the IT for exactly 3:00 minutes, your total race time would be 21:00. Highest overall time held wins.


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