Report a la Bug!

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Report a la Bug!

Post by S7 K1ll3rKlown on Fri Mar 28, 2008 1:03 pm

That's French for Bug Report!

Interseptor and Glock have both assisted a lot in finding issues and bugs within this phpbb build thus far and have been making suggestions to better the site and everyone's browsing experience while I try to remain on top of it and follow through to completion. Since even those extra sets of hands and well trained eyes can't catch everything I'd like to compile a listing of anything you see or experience that just doesn't work properly.

Later I'm sure Miller and OC will get more familiar wth the backend Admin tools for the site and do alot as well. Remember, just like moving into a new house sometimes you need to do a bit of touch-up painting to make it feel like home and it's no different patient and it'll all pay off.


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