October Clan Challenge Schedule

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October Clan Challenge Schedule

Post by S7 mrmiller on Sun Sep 30, 2012 10:50 pm

There is a new clan challenge daily, so I have listed them here as Elite is sporadic at best for working properly. To get the clan challenge, you must end the match with the Accolade tied to the challenge- for example most Throwing Knife kills is the Butcher Accolade and Highest Multi-kill is the devastation Accolade. They each have 3 tiers, with 3, 5, and 10 total accolades to complete the challenge. This just gives us something fun to work on while playing. For instance if Iím going to play on October 2nd, Iíll probably equip C4 on all my classes and try for the C4 Killer Accolades, or on the 4th Iíll play more Kill Confirmed. I'm pretty sure it's 100 clan xp per tier, so that's 300 xp a day we could gain and 2100 a week (basically a level a week not counting any other clan ops).

Also, on top of this every week there is a challenge for total kills, where all the clans kills in any of the game modes counts, with 3000-6000-10000 the totals. There is a big point gain (500xp) for the first (3000) level, so that is the one to strive for at the least.

October Clan Challenge Schedule

10/1 = Most Kills/Fewest Deaths
2 = Most C4 Kills
3 = Most Longshots
4 = Most Kills Confirmed
5 = Most Kills From Behind
6 = Highest Multikill
7 = Most Hipfire Kills
8 = Most Throwing Knife Kills
9 = Most Pistol Kills
10 = Most Knife Kills
11 = Most Assault Kill Streaks
12 = Most ADS Kills
13 = Most Headshots
14 = Most Specialist Kill Steaks
15 = Most Kills/Fewest Deaths
16 = Most C4 Kills
17 = Most Longshots
18 = Most Kills Confirmed
19 = Most Kills From Behind
20 = Highest Multikill

They only have up to the 20th posted, but I signed us up for each and every one of them as well as all the clan ops.



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