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Current Stats and Builds

Post by S7 mrmiller on Fri Jul 13, 2012 11:15 pm

What are everyone's build and current stats for you main characters? I was just curious, as I was surprised I could solo act 3 and defeat at 4 with what I had and what I was reading on the forums was needed. I think some people are just trying to justify the high price of the elite gear they are buying/selling as I was able to get by with much less (not that it was easy and I did die a ton).

My Barb's Current (Tank) Build and Stats:

STR = 1824
DEX = 279
INT = 135
VIT = 1070

Armor = 7666
Dmg = 23585
Life = 37726

All my resists are about 600 unbuffed, and buffed with Warcry/Impunity they jump to around 900 (and armor to 8892).

Earthquake w/ Mountains Call
Overpower w/ Crushing Advance
Warcry w/ Impunity
Wrath of the Berzerker w/ Thrive on Chaos
Cleave w/ Broad Sweep
Whirwind w/ Windshear
Passive Skills of Nerves of Steel, Tough as Nails, and Superstition.

When I beat Diablo and Act 4 I had Revenge w/ Provocation on in the place of Earthquake. I actually change that "skill 1" slot a lot, but the others are all the same. I rotate through Leap w/ Iron Impact and Sprint w/ Run Like the Wind too and have even used the Ignore pain and Charge skills there, but most of the time it's Earthquake or Revenge.

I do have 536 life on hit and 392 life regen per sec which helps a lot.



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Re: Current Stats and Builds

Post by S7 Sticky on Fri Jul 13, 2012 11:29 pm

Wizard Ranged /high DPS

STR : 379
DEX :258
INT : 1716
VIT :622

Armor = 4332
Dmg = 42,875.02 unbuffed (53k with buff)

resistance are 400-450 for all

--SKILL--/ RUNE---
Magic missile / Seaker
Arcane orb / Tap the source
Hydra / Venom Hydra
Magic weapon / Force Weapon
Diamond Skin / Crystal shell

--------Passives ------------
Galvanizing ward
Glass Cannon
Astral Presence

Wizards must stack crit dmg and crit chance so

critical hit chance 55.54%
critical hit Dmg 400.02%


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