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ME3 MP Gold - join in!

Post by S7 Coolhand on Tue May 01, 2012 8:00 pm

So I was getting tired of doing silvers trying to get weapons good enough to hang on gold when I ran into a group who showed me how to run a gold on Firebase:White against Geth with people that don't have great weapons. Thanks to this I am now beating golds regularly.

Basically, the folks with crap guns carry a pistol only (which you won't need to fire) and will do warp-throw biotic explosions only - can be Asari Adept (the first one) or Human Sentinel (a starter character) - this person can often lead the team in points because they focus on the Geth Primes always.

A level18+ Salarian engineer holds agro at the front door with a decoy and grapples the close ones over the desk. I like to use a Carnifex pistol and pop headshots. Oh, did I forget to mention you have Energy Drain that owns against synthetics?

You will need one Infiltrator with a descent weapon. Salarian is a good choice as you can use Energy Drain and stay cloaked. Good weapons are the sniper rifles (I rarely use them) or shotguns (I like the Geth Plasma Shotgun because you can charge it up before going invisible and when you release the shot you don't lose your cloak). I prefer to spec out for cloak time rather than damage - your main job, besides killing a lot, is to disarm the 4 spots if that round comes up. Your second job is to stay behind the others and revive anyone who goes down.

The fourth person can be any class, but good choices are another Infiltrator, another warp-throw bomber, or another decoy using Salarian Engineer.

At the beginning of the mission, instead of running up the stairs to the overlook area you head along the left wall hold that room at the bottom. Anyone down to try it with me? This helped me get tons of cash for weapons etc and now I only play golds.

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