S7R Forza 4 - Season 1 News:

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S7R Forza 4 - Season 1 News:

Post by S7 Interseptor on Thu Feb 23, 2012 2:42 pm

Forza News -

This will be a bit abbreviated from the last few weeks. I am very short on time and a whole week has passed so my memory is a little fuzzy so bear with me. Still, the general theme is that we had another great Tourney. Due to some scheduling problems and technical difficulties we only had 10 people make the last Tourney. Fortunately, that is still more then we ever had in Forza 3 so it was still a great time with some great races. One thing I have really noticed from F3 to F4 is that the additional people really make a difference. Even at 10 people, starting at the back means you have a lot of catching up to do. Much more so than in F3 with only 8 people max. I know that I started in the back a few times last week and it took everything I had to even try and make a podium finish. Of course, the competition has also improved since last year too. Everyone seems to have really stepped up their game. Both old and new members alike. We have a lot of great talent here in S7 and these past few Tourneys have been the best we have ever had. Thanks to everyone who has been showing up and helping out.

Among those who have really stepped up include Atrum who deserves a special mention with his first ever 2nd place overall win and in doing so placed 1st place in 3 of the D-Class races and podiumed in several others. It was a impressive showing and I was only able to barely win out the overall 1st place by placing in 1 more podium finish than he did. It was a great effort, congratz! Finishing in 3rd was Wiggles with a solid showing but some bad luck with wrecks kept him from passing Atrum (and me) overall. Next was another solid finish from LiquidApex in 4th who is also consistently challenging the top players. Epic was in 5th followed by Bloodrusted (6th) and Racecar (7th). OC landed a solid 8th place finish beating out his main rival SockPuppet (9th) and Kenny (Dovahkiin). Kenny ending up taking 10th place overall due to dropping out of the Tourney a few races in (I think he went narco due to medication). *He did receive participation points for the races he missed.

Overall placement for the season is as follows:

85 - Interseptor
76 - Wiggles
54 - LickwedApex
52 - Atrum
47 - Epic
35 - Bloodrusted
30 - Dovahkiin
29 - RacecarDriver
22 - Coolhand
21 - OC
19 - Riff Raff
16 - HuskerFan
16 - Sockpuppet
10 - Pooty
8 - Benji

We had a lot of shifts in the overall standings this week. Some because of good overall performance and some because they simply missed out on the last Tourney and therefore took 0 points from the event.

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