UFC 3 Launch Stream and Giveaway

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UFC 3 Launch Stream and Giveaway

Post by S7 Wiggles1778 on Mon Feb 13, 2012 1:28 am

Just wanted everyone to know, if you're free around midnight tonight (as in Monday Night not right this second), I'm going to be streaming the new UFC 3 game for at least a couple of hours... During that I'm actually going to be doing some giveaways over the course of the night.


Giveaway at certain Donation levels:
Guaranteed (No donations required to enter) - DVD: UFC Ultimate Knockouts 8
$75 - MMA Hat or Beanie (Or $20 Gift Card)
$150 - MMA Shirt (Or $25 Gift Card)
$225 - MMA Hoodie (Or $30 Gift Card)
$300 - Copy of UFC 3 for Console of choice (Or a $50 Gift Card)
Every $100 from there on up - Copy of UFC 3 (Or a $50 Gift Card)

I would appreciate any and all donations. Even as little as a couple bucks sitting in your PayPal account could get you something cool.

Can't make it, going to bed, or not interested in the game?

The stream can always use viewers, the more viewers, the more exposure we get. If you've never used Justin.tv before, their gaming section (http://www.justin.tv/directory/gaming) has pages and pages of streams... The more viewers you have the closer you are to the top of the list.

So, open the stream (or a couple of them Very Happy ) and just leave it in the background of your computer, even if you aren't their to watch you're still on the stream and helping us reach the front page. This helps both getting the stream out there and spreads the S7Clan name.

Watch live video from Troll Tier Gaming on www.twitch.tv

Thanks for any support y'all can throw my way!

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