MW3 Perk List and Pro Perk Requirements

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MW3 Perk List and Pro Perk Requirements

Post by Animefrk122 on Fri Nov 25, 2011 7:32 pm

Thought I would post a list here of what all the perks do and requirements as a Reference for anyone with the same questions....

Tier 1

Sleight of Hand (Level 0):

Primary - Fast Reloading
Pro - Fast Weapons Change (Pro Unlock: Get 120 Kills While Using Sleight Of Hand)

Recon (Level 0):

Primary - Explosive damage shows target on Mini-Map
Pro -Bullet damage shows target on Mini-Map (Pro Unlock: Tag 120 Enemies With Explosive Damage While Using Recon)

Blind Eye (Level 11):

Primary - Air Support and Sentries are undetectable
Pro - Fast lock-on for rockets. Increased bullet damage to vehicles (Pro Unlock: Destroy 40 Enemy Killstreaks While Using Blind

Extreme Conditioning (Level 22):

Primary - Increased sprint time
Pro - Climbing speed increased (Pro Unlock: Sprint 20 Miles While Using Extreme Conditioning)

Scavenger (Level 39):

Primary - Get ammo from dead enemies
Pro - Get more ammo (Pro Unlock: Resupply 100 Times While Using Scavenger)

Tier 2

Quickdraw (Level 0):

Primary - Faster Aiming:
Pro - Faster recovery from using grenade/equipment (Pro Unlock: Get 80 kills Within A Few Seconds Of Aiming Down The Sights
While ]using Quickdraw)

Blast Shield (Level 0):

Primary - Increased explosive resistance
Pro - Resistance to flashbangs and stuns (Pro Unlock: Survive 20 Explosions While Using Blast Shield)

Hardline (Level 15):

Primary - Killstreaks require 1 fewer kill
Pro - Two assists count as kill towards killstreaks. Deathstreaks require 1 fewer death. (Pro Unlock: Get 80 Killstreaks While
Using Hardline)

Assassin (Level 27):

Primary - Immuntity to UAV, portable radar, thermal, and heartbeat
Pro - Immunity to CUAV and EMP, no red crosshair or name over you (Pro Unlock: Get 20 Kills While Enemy UAV Is Up While Using Assassin)

Overkill (Level 47):

Primary - Carry two primary weapons
Pro - Second primary can have two attachments (Pro Unlock: Get 120 Kills With Second Primary Weapon While Using Overkill)

Tier 3

Marksman (Level 0):

Primary - Identify targets at more distant range
Pro - Hold your breath for longer when sniping (Pro Unlock: Get 50 Kills While Holding Breath And Using Marksman)

Stalker (Level 0):

Primary - Increased movement speed while aiming down the sites
Pro - Add delay to enemy claymores before exploding (Pro Unlock: Get 120 Kills Aiming Down Sights While Using Stalker)

SitRep (Level 19):

Primary - Detect Enemy Explosive and Tac Insert
Pro - Opposing teamís footsteps make more noise (Pro Unlock: Destroy 50 Enemy Devices While Using Sitrep)

Steady Aim (Level 30):

Primary - Increased accuracy while firing from hip
Pro - Weapon ready more quickly after sprint (Pro Unlock: Get 120 Hipfire Kills While Using Steady Aim)

Dead Silence (Level 55):

Primary - Quieter movement, recon does not work as well against you
Pro - Do not take any fall damage (Pro Unlock: Get 50 Close Range Kills While Using Dead Silence)

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Re: MW3 Perk List and Pro Perk Requirements

Post by S7 Coolhand on Sat Nov 26, 2011 10:53 pm

suggestion: maybe put the level you attain the perk next to it.

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