More EPIC SYKRIM!!! News.

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More EPIC SYKRIM!!! News.

Post by S7 Interseptor on Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:41 pm

Never ending quests! Yep, you can play the game forever and never run out of things to do.

How Skyrim pulls off the infinite quest chains is through its Radiant quest system. Radiant can randomly generate a new task for your Dragonborn based on where you are in the game. Things like hunting bandits in places you haven't been to yet or picking flowers for villages are just some of the quest options that will never end. The Radiant quest system is there to help you discover all of the amazing world that Bethesda has created.

“The world is probably the one thing that sets [Skyrim] apart from other games,” he said. “It feels really real for what it is … It’s just fun to explore.”

Skyrim also features factions like the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood that will act as quest hubs once you complete their story missions. According to the interview, Skyrim's also "sprinkled with secrets and minor bits of narrative that you’ll have to piece together as you explore, an aspect of game design Howard says the team picked up while working on their last game, Fallout 3."

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The more I hear the more excited I get and that is saying something (those of you who know me already know how excited I am already). I seriously can't wait for this game. Only 2 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: More EPIC SYKRIM!!! News.

Post by S7 Epic on Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:52 pm

Mine got shipped today, so I may have it tomorrow! Here's hoping!
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