S7 Forza 3 - Season 3 News:

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S7 Forza 3 - Season 3 News:

Post by S7 Interseptor on Mon Jul 25, 2011 1:36 pm

Forza News -

Last week was the A-Class Tourney and things continued to get tense. We had a great turnout with a record 10 people showing up to fight for the prize. Due to the turnout we had to run qualifying to see who were the top 8 runners. We all ran qualifying laps and it turned out to be very close but the bottom 2 times were Puppet and OC. Fortunately for one of them Sticky had to drop out and left one extra slot. With a lead of only 0.6 sec. Puppet got the coveted spot. (OC and Sticky both got qualifying points for this Tourney since they both showed up for qualifying.)

We were off to a good start and things got crazy from there. It was a wild night with close races, epic wrecks and dangerous tracks. The top of the standings was once again an all out battle between Glock, Wiggles and myself (Interseptor). It looked like Glock had it all wrapped up but unfortunately he had to leave the Tourney with three races left to go. He was out and even though he missed the last three races, he still managed a 3rd Place finish. Very impressive. This left Wiggles and myself to fight it out between us. It was crazy to say the least. Big wrecks and head to head racing kept it close right to the last race and when the dust settled, Wiggles and myself were tied for 1st place! That's right, the first ever tie for 1st place in Forza history. It was amazing to say the least and along the way we had to battle crazy tracks like Old Le Mans, New New York and Fujimi Kaido Reverse. All of which made for some of the most memorable moments in Forza to date. Upside down cars in the middle of the track, broke down busted cars in the middle of chicanes and being passed by Wiggles like we were standing still (He was traveling in excess of 240mph)!!! Good times indeed.

And it didn't stop there. It was good racing all around. Epic had a great night and locked up 4th in pretty much every race. He was largly unchallenged and some valuable ground in the overall standing for the season. Atrum also had a good night and took his first win for the season finishing 1st place on New New York. The rest of the pack was an all out battle between, Kenny, Coolhand and Puppet. It was a very close night and Puppet once again showed improvement over previous weeks. He even managed to place on a few races without passing wrecked racers! LOL! All kidding aside, everyone did very well and it was an absolute blast. The final standing looked like this: 1st (tie) - Wiggles & Interseptor, 3nd - Glock, 4rd - Epic, 5th - Atrum, 6th - Kenny, 7th - Coolhand and 8th - SockPuppet.

Overall Season Standings are as follows...

Interseptor - 53pts
Wiggles - 48pts
Sticky - 28pts
Epic - 28pts
Glock - 25pts
Kenny - 21pts
Atrum - 16pts
Coolhand - 14pts
OC - 12pts
Pooty - 11pts
Chippy - 9pts
SockPuppet - 5pts

Now it is all down to the wire. Wiggles and myself are still at a 5 point gap for the lead. Epic has made his move and tied up Sticky for the coveted 3rd place finish. This last race will decide once and for all who takes that spot. That is if Glock doesn't show up and mess it all up for them. Sitting just 3 points down he could easily move into 3rd and push both of them back. Either way it is going to be an amazing Tourney coming up. Kenny has managed to put some distance between himself and the rest of the pack and things are still very close between Atrum, Coolhand and OC. The rest of this season promises to be a good one. Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion to Season 3...

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