S7 Forza 3 - Season 3 News:

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S7 Forza 3 - Season 3 News:

Post by S7 Interseptor on Mon Jun 27, 2011 11:24 am

Forza News -

Last week was the C-Class Tourney and marked the half way point in the series. We are on the down hill side now and it is still anyone's game. Heated rivalries continue and the races are as close as ever. I am please to say that we had a good turnout for the Class Tourney even after a month of delays and push backs. 8 of the guys showed up which included Glock for the first time this season and in true Glock fashion he dominated the competition. I kept it as close as I could but in the end he just walked off with 1st and never looked back. Well accept to maybe look at the people he left on the side of the road..."sorry", I couldn't resist. LOL!

Sticky raced well and finished with a podium. Congratz bro! Racing right there with him was Atrum, Kenny and Coolhand. They battled it out all night and had some close calls and epic crashes. It was a great night and we had a blast. Unfortunately Wiggles dropped out and ended up losing out for the night finishing in last but giving OC a much need push into 7th. It was some great racing and a lot of fun. At the end of the day the final standings looked like this: 1st - Glock, 2nd - Interseptor, 3rd - Sticky, 4th - Atrum, 5th - Kenny, 6th - Coolhand, 7th - OC and finally 8th - Wiggles.

Overall Season Standings are as follows...

Interseptor - 36pts
Wiggles - 28pts
Sticky - 27pts
Kenny - 17pts
Epic - 16pts
Atrum - 11pts
Coolhand - 11pts
Pooty - 11pts
Glock - 10pts
Chippy - 9pts
OC - 7pts

Amazingly close out there! Wiggles and Sticky are separated by 1 point! Kenny and Epic are separated by 1 point! Atrum, Coolhand and Pooty are tied at 11pts with Glock, chippy and OC right behind! It's crazy close right now and I can wait to how it all works out in the end. The rest of this season promises to be a good one. Stay tuned as the tense Season 3 rolls on...

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