S7 Forza 3 - Season 3 News:

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S7 Forza 3 - Season 3 News:

Post by S7 Interseptor on Mon Apr 04, 2011 12:03 pm

Forza News -

Last week we got together for the first event of the season. It was VERY intense all night and came right down to the end. Wiggles and I were locked in an epic dual up to race 6 when a few unfortunate events put me out of the race and I finished dead last giving Wiggle the point lead needed to take the top spot for the night (and his first overall will in the Championship Series, Congratz!). Wiggles has been on a hot streak lately in the Late Night Series and it seem to be spilling over here as well. Despite some problems, I still ended up finishing 2nd for the night but I really had to fight for it. And speaking of fighting for position, Epic and Sticky ended up tied for 3rd and will both be awarded 3rd place points for the event. New comer Chippy continued to show improvement and finished 5th followed by Kenny in 6th and Coolhand in 7th. Newcomer Pooty did qualify for the night but due to connection issues with me was not able to participate, which is a real shame because he had one of the top qualifying times. Hopefully these issues will be resolved by the next Tourney. I have a feeling he could be a real contender for the podium. He did receive 8th place points by default so it was not a total loss and OC showed up but unfortunately did not qualify. Overall Standings are as follows...

Wiggles - 10pts
Interseptor - 8pts
Epic - 7pts
Sticky - 7pts
Chippy - 5pts
Kenny - 4pts
Coolhand - 3pts
Pooty - 2pts
OC - 1pts

Well that wraps up the news, now on to the next event. It should be very exciting to see where this season takes us.

So, without further delay, I am proud to present the S7 Forza 3 E-Class Tourney - Season 3. We are off to a good start and ready to roll. It's time to get to work and start building/tuning your E-Class Cars. You have a little more wiggle room this time and more car options but it will still come down to the drivers who are the most prepared. Drivers will have till Thursday, April 14 to build, tune and test their cars at which point we will meet up and see who has what it takes to win. Get a solid car and start practicing those tracks.

The rules are pretty simple and as follows:

This is a Championship Tourney so the event will be 7 races.

Date: Thursday, March 31, 2011
Time: Qualifying starts at 8:30pm sharp Eastern Time (if necessary)
Car Class: E-Class
Damage: Simulation
Collisions: Always On
Starting Grid: Random
Tracks: Random - Player based
# of Races: 7
# of Laps: TBD(depending on track length)

S7 Members ONLY!

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