Crysis 2 Dog Tag Guide

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Crysis 2 Dog Tag Guide

Post by S7 Glock on Sun Mar 27, 2011 3:16 pm

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Re: Crysis 2 Dog Tag Guide

Post by S7 Coolhand on Mon Mar 28, 2011 10:39 am

So you get all these awards/medals... what are they good for? Do they unlock something?

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Re: Crysis 2 Dog Tag Guide

Post by S7 mrmiller on Fri Apr 29, 2011 11:58 am

Is anyone else playing the game besides me? I have been curious about the dog tas, and looked this old thread up. Some are pretty interesting so I am going to work on them. I'll do a cut-and-paste for reference.


MOST VALUABLE – Highest kill death ratio
MOST MOTIVATED – Highest objective score
MOST SNEAKY – Most enemies shot in the back
MOST COWARDLY – Get shot in the back most
NINJA – Longest time in Stealth mode
SPEED DEMON – Most time sprinting
ARMOR PLATING – Most times shot while in Armor mode
ADVANCED RECON – Most time spent in Visor

ASSASSIN – Most stealth takedowns
ADAPTABLE – Most suit mode changes
MURDERIZER – Most Melee kills
GLASS JAW – Be melee killed the most
UNTOUCHABLE – Fewest deaths
RAMPAGE – Longest kill streak
DEMOLITION MAN – Most kills using C4
KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN – Most time spent crouched

LEAP OF FAITH – Highest fall without dying
AIDING RADAR – Most radars called in
IS IT A BIRD? – Most time spent in the air
VENDETTA – Most kills of the same player
GENOCIDE – Kill the entire enemy team
EXHIBITIONIST – Highest number of skill kills
MAGPIE – Most number of dog tags collected
CLAY PIGEON – Most times killed in the air

X-RAY – Most bullet penetration kills
STANDARD BEARER – Most time carrying a flag
DUG IN – Hold a crash site for the longest time
ALIENATED – Most alien Bio-Ticks extracted
TECHNOMANCER – Download the most intel
BING! – Most headshot kills
BANG ON – Most accurate
BULLETS COST MONEY – Least shots fired

BATTLEFIELD SURGERY – Most times health restored to full
MOST SELFISH – Most kills without assists earned by teammates
TOOLS OF THE TRADE – At least 3 kills with 4 different weapons
SPRAY AND PRAY – Most shots fired
BIG BANGER – Most kills with a single explosive
ROBBED – Most kill assists
MONEY SHOT – Get the winning kill
SINGLE MINDED – Most kills

DON’T PANIC! – Most friends shot (number of hits)
LONE WOLF – Most kills without friendly player within 15m
NEVER SAY NEVER – Longest deathstreak
ENERGETIC BUNNY – Most energy used up
WAR BIRD – Most killed within 5 seconds of decloaking
IMPREGNABLE – Most fights won in armor lock
TARGET LOCKED – Most enemies spotted
SAFETY IN NUMBERS – Most kills with a friendly within 15m

SPANKED – No kills
PARDON? – Most grenades survived
DIRTY DOZEN – Score 12 kills without dying
CODPIECE – Most groin shots
MOUNTIE – Most killed with mounted weapons
RIP OFF – Most kills with ripped off mounted weapons
PRO TIPS – Most cloaked reloads
WRONG PLACE, WRONG TIME – Be the winning kill

OBSERVER – Most time watching the killcam
INVINCIBLE – No deaths
GOOD CONDITION – Least damage received
PUNISHER – Most damage dealt
BULLET MAGNET – Most damage received
PACIFIST – Least damage dealt
ICY – Greatest distance slid
BOING! – Most enemies killed by Air Stomp


KILL 5,000 - Kill 5,000 players online
DEAD INSIDE - Kill 10,000 players online
BORN AGAIN - Nanosuit Reboot for the first time
ETERNAL WARRIOR - Nanosuit Reboot 5 times
LEMMING - Fall to your death 10 times
FOOL - Blow yourself up 10 times
HIGH FLYER - Finish top of the game scoreboard 10 times
MIDGET WRESTER - Get a melee kill while crouched

WHITE STICK - Blind yourself 10 times
THE INCREDIBLE BULK - Rip off a mounted weapon
FOOT FETISH - Snipe someone in the foot
YOU’VE BEEN FRAMED - Be the victim in the final kill replay at the end of a game
VIEW TO A KILL - Stand at the highest point of Skyline
STOCKBROKER RETIREMENT PARTY - Fall out of a window in Impact
WET AND WILD - Go swimming in Pier 17
NEVER FLAGGING - Get the winning score in Capture The Relay with less than 10 seconds remaining

THERE IS NO SPOON - Download the final bit of intel with less than 5 seconds remaining
FORT KNOX - Personally kill all the attackers in Assault
NIGHT OWL - Play after 2am
DRUNK AND DISORDERLY - Play after 11:30pm and finish in the bottom third 3 times in a row
VOYEUR - While cloaked see an enemy be killed within 8m
AFTERNOON TEA - Teabag 10 victims [FYI - Doesn't have to be in 1 match]
GRADUATION DAY - Graduate from New Recruits (11)
SCARRED FOR LIFE - Complete all assessments for the SCAR

PURRRRRFECT - Complete all assessments for the Feline
MARSHALL LAW - Complete all assessments for the Marshall
DAY OF THE JACKAL - Complete all assessments for the Jackal
BEETLE JUICE - Complete all assessments for the SCARAB
MONSTER HUNTER - Complete all assessments for the Grendel
SUPER SHARP SHOOTER - Complete all assessments for the DSG 1
MAXIMUM ACCELERATION - Complete all assessments for the M20 I4 Guass
H.S.M. - Complete all assessments for the Mk. 60 Mod 0

WHIZZBANGER - Complete all assessments for the L-Tag
HMMM DING! - Complete all assessments for the X-43 Mine
SHOCKING - Complete all assessments for the K-Volt
SUPER NOVA - Complete all assessments for the Nova
RAPID RESPONSE - Complete all assessments for the AY69
HAMMER DOWN - Complete all assessments for the Hammer
FEELING LUCKY - Complete all assessments for the Majestic
WALKING TANK - Complete all assessments for the HMG

FRAGGER - Complete all assessments for the Frag Grenades
STICKY DEATH - Complete all assessments for the C4
ROCKET MAN - Complete all assessments for the JAW
THICK SKINNED - Complete assessment set “Armor Modules”
ON THE DOWN-LOW - Complete assessment set “Stealth Modules”
RUN AND GUN - Complete assessment set “Power Modules”
TEAM PLAYER - Complete assessment set “Support Bonus”
CLIP ON, CLIP OFF - Complete assessment set “Attachments”

ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLE - Complete assessment set “Alternate Kills”
WHY THE LONG FACE? - Complete assessment set “Challenge”
DEADEYE - Complete assessment set “Marksman”
THE BIG BOSS - Complete assessment set “Domination”
MAD SKILLS - Complete assessment set “Skill Kills”
UP FOR MORE - Complete assessment set “Nanosuit Reboot”
FULL PASSPORT - Complete assessment set “Traveler”

WARMING UP - Kill 1,000 players online
ARMS OF STEEL - Rip off 100 mounted guns
MARATHON MAN - Carry the Relay for 10 minutes
LONE WOLF - Kill 100 enemies without assistance from your team
CROUCHING WARRIOR - Spend a total of an hour crouched in-game
ARMOR PLATING - Activate Armor Mode 1000 times
CLOAK ADDICT - Activate Stealth Mode 1000 times
IT’S ALL OVER…. - Reach 100% Operative Status complete



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Re: Crysis 2 Dog Tag Guide

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