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Looking for Game Commanders

Post by S7 mrmiller on Thu Mar 10, 2011 7:32 pm

We are looking for Game Commanders for the upcoming games- Homefront and Crysis 2. The Game Commanders for these games will serve as the coordinator as outlined in the new clan game system as outlined in the previous post:

This is different from the traditional sense of having a Game Commander to run Gamebattles, clan matches, and structured practices. The emphasis here is coordinating the members on given game nights and events to simply have fun and excel in the games multiplayer modes.

We are looking for members who are excited about the new game, plan on playing it primarily and often, and driving excitement and involvement with other clan members. The GC will have an XO to assist them in planning the game nights, as well as any special events that are desired.

If you are excited for the game, and want to lead and coordinate the clan in game nights, send us a résumé with why you want the position, what you bring to the position, and what some of your plans with the game will be. Send your application to me or any of the other CC members (OC, Interseptor, Tico, Jwriter).

Feel free to post or PM any questions on what the new position might require.

Thanks for your interest.



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