UFC 2010 - Fighter Stats Update

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UFC 2010 - Fighter Stats Update

Post by S7 Wiggles1778 on Wed Feb 23, 2011 5:31 am

With THQ unsure if the UFC series will be a yearly game or a slightly longer cycle, they are finally changing fighter stats based on recent events so help keep the game fresh...

They have exclusively provided the changes that have been made in this latest update breaking down categories that saw increases and decreases for the 23 fighters affected.

Jon “Bones” Jones looks to be the biggest beneficiary having received upgrades almost completely across the board while Sean Sherk takes a hit in the most categories.

•Cain Velasquez: UP- 76 Speed, 70 Standing Kick Offense

•Carlos Condit: UP- 75 Standing Strike Offense, 73 Standing Strike Defense, 70 Standing Kick Offense

•Chael Sonnen: UP- 70 Speed.
DOWN- 77 Ground Grapple Defense

•Clay Guida: UP- 72 Ground Grapple Offense, 70 Ground Grapple Defense, 69 Submission Offense

•Dong Hyun Kim: UP- 71 Strength, 70 Takedown Defense

•Jason Brilz: UP- 74 Cardio, 72 Clinch Grapple Defense, 76 Ground Grapple Defense, 75 Submission Defense

•Jon Jones: UP- 75 Cardio, 83 Strength, 80 Standing Strike Offense, 80 Standing Strike Defense, 80 Standing Kick Offense, 78 Standing Kick Defense, 80 Clinch Strike Offense, 79 Clinch Strike Defense, 80 Ground Strike Offense, 75 Ground Strike Defense, 88 Clinch Grapple Offense, 76 Clinch Grapple Defense, 86 Takedown Offense, 80 Takedown Defense, 74 Ground Grapple Offense, 72 Ground Grapple Defense

•Junior Dos Santos: UP- 80 Cardio, 74 Clinch Grapple Defense, 79 Takedown Defense

•Kenny Florian: UP- 80 Standing Strike Offense

•Lyoto Machida: UP- 86 Speed, 70 Clinch Grapple Offense.
DOWN- 82 Standing Strike Defense, 79 Ground Grapple Defense

•Marcus Davis: DOWN- 78 Standing Strike Defense

•Mauricio Rua: UP- 80 Cardio, 80 Clinch Strike Defense

•Mirko Cro Cop: DOWN- 78 Standing Strike Defense

•Ryan Bader: UP- 71 Speed, 74 Standing Strike Offense, 69 Standing Kick Offense, 75 Takedown Defense

•Sean Sherk (LW): DOWN- 83 Cardio, 83 Speed, 80 Standing Strike Defense, 79 Standing Kick Defense, 82 Takedown Offense, 80 Takedown Defense

•Sean Sherk (WW): DOWN- 80 Cardio, 80 Standing Strike Defense, 72 Standing Kick Defense, 82 Takedown Offense, 80 Takedown Defense

•Shane Carwin: DOWN- 74 Cardio, 76 Submission Defense

•Stefan Struve: UP- 70 Standing Strike Offense, 70 Clinch Strike Defense, 70 Ground Strike Offense, 74 Ground Strike Defense

•Thiago Silva: UP- 73 Speed

•Tito Ortiz: DOWN- 76 Cardio, 79 Takedown Offense

•Tyson Griffin: DOWN- 84 Speed, 79 Standing Strike Offense, 79 Standing Kick Defense

•Yoshihiro Akiyama: UP- 71 Strength, 70 Takedown Defense

•Yushin Okami: UP- 79 Standing Kick Defense, 80 Clinch Grapple Offense

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