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S7 MLB 2K11 league?

Post by S7 K1ll3rKlown on Tue Feb 01, 2011 5:36 pm

Today is Feb. which means the new baseball games are released next month (3/8/11 to be specific)
My question is, would there be any interest in creating a true S7 baseball league this year?

Other years we've tried (baseball, Madden, etc.) and because of loss of motivation, strange commissioner laws, and simple flaws in the game were unable to keep it going long. I think MLB 2K11 is supposed to be fixed this year. I guess the first question is who will be getting MLB 2K11?
If you get it would you create and play in an online league?

I've done the "leg work" and created a set of rules, let me know if these would be acceptable, what should be changed, and after everyone has their say they will be implemented. If there's not enough S7 interest I'll attempt to recruit for a few mature XBL baseball players.


S7 Baseball League Rules (Work in Progress)

We will attempt to play a full 162 game regular season followed by the AL/NL Division series, AL/NL Championship series and World Series. We expect our players to play at least 2-3 games per week. Games that aren't completed can be forfeited. We don't want the league to lag out!


I. Pitching

II. Batting

III. Base Running

IV. Fielding


VI. Draft Rules

VII. Free Agents

VIII. Disconnected/Dropped Games

IX. Complaints/5 Strike Policy

X. League Salary Cap


NO QUICK PITCHING- You must allow the batter at least 3-4 seconds in between pitches.

1. This is a Balls and Strikes league but don't abuse by throwing pitches in the dirt or 2 feet away from the zone. This will not be tolerated!

a) Balls must be close to zone please donít cheese! We will check

b) 15 Ball Limit! If you throw more than 15 balls in a game you will receive an automatic loss. Again, we will check. This includes so called Bad Gestures as well.

We feel that this is necessary in order to keep people from throwing crap when things are not going there way and this requires you to learn how to pitch!!!!

2. 5 man pitching rotation. We will check so use your starters evenly!

a) Prior to the season all members must assign their 5 Starters along with Their Closer!!! This must be done no later than one day before the season starts.

b) Once your Rotation is assigned you must follow it. I will allow only 1 rotation change to your 2,3,4 Starters before the halfway point of the season but you must first ask for permission beforehand!!!

c) Pitching Rotations must be posted in the league forum section no later than one day before the start of the season!!! Failure to do so will result in game forfeits or even getting dropped from the league.

3. Closer and relievers can be anyone other than starters!

a) a) Closers are NOT ALLOWED to pitch more than 2 INNINGS per game!!!

If you have problems with another player send one of the leaders a private message. Donít use the threads to argue with people!

Add all leagues members to your friends list.

4. Only 5 Pickoff Moves Allowed Per Inning!!!!! Don't exceed this or you will be penalized by forfeiting games or even worse.


a) If your starter reaches 40% while you are still pitching, you can finish the inning but he must be replaced after that.

b) Exceptions are if you have a No Hitter or a Perfect Game going!!!!!

6. Only 1 mound visit allowed per inning!!!!!!!!!!

a) Exception is if you sub in another pitcher. Then same rules apply.

b) Mound visits aren't to be used to bring up pitchers stamina, they are only to be used when composure is rattled, pitchers already go deep without using stamina mound visit. So in other words, NOMORE PITCHER STAMINA BOOSTS ON MOUND VISITS-ONLY COMPOSURE!!!! Only Exception would be if you have a pitcher warming up in order to bring him in the game then its ok to use a stamina mound visit. As always only 1 per inning!!!!!

7. Pitchouts are Not Allowed!!!!!

a) If you are trying to prevent the runner from advancing, you can always throw a ball as long as its close to the zone.

7. All members MUST mix up their pitches. Ex. if u have a guy with 4 pitches use all 4. No more abusing and overusing the same pitches!!!!

a) No throwing the same pitch more than 2 consecutive times.



a)You are not allowed to change your controller settings once the game has begun, You may edit your camera views but again this must be done before the start of a game!!!!!!

2. You are in no way allowed to have your step and bat cocked back(Pre Loaded) before the pitch even leaves the pitchers hand!!!! You must step into the pitch according to when the pitcher releases the ball!!! NEVER BEFORE

3. Only 4 successful Bunts allowed per game!!!!!
(This includes only 1 squeeze per game)


4. Only 3 successful Hit n Runs allowed per game!!!

5.When runner is on 1st and a bunt is laid down, the runner MUST STOP at 2nd!!!

Base Running


a) If outfielder drops a routine flyball you may only advance 1 base.

b) If outfielder misses completely go as far as you want.

2. If you attempt to steal a base you must run it through. You may not run back to the previous base.

3.You may steal 2nd as you wish BUT

a) Only 2 successful steals of 3rd and home allowed per game!!!!!


1. Throwing from the outfield to try and get the runner out at 1st base is not advised!!! No Exceptions --
Use your cut-off man!

2. Your position players are only allowed to play their proper position or a position close to their actual position. Ex. You are only allowed to play outfielders in the outfield or 1st base. Infielders can not play the outfield but are allowed to play other positions within the infield.

a) Only exception would be if the player has as least a 70 in a secondary position.


1. Trades should be of equal value. Don't try to make an outrageous trade request because it will be denied!!! Trades with point differences greater than 6 points will be denied!

a)Trades offered must be balanced meaning position for position, pitcher for pitcher. You can't trade a pitcher for a position player, you would have to include other players in the trade to balance it out. Only exception would be if the player has as least a 70 in a secondary position that balances the trade.

b)Trade Deadline is Mid Season
c)Any trades that are offered MUST not go over the 900 point team salary cap. Those that do will be denied immediately!!!!

Draft Rules

Each owner MUST draft a Minimum of 10 Pitchers!!!!!

a)We expect ALL of our members to be present when drafting!!!

b)Please Pre-Rank your picks if you can't make it to the draft

Free Agents

Each team will be able pick up a player in the Free Agent Period. This FA period will be in games 26-29.

a)Team owners will only be able to pick up a player in a position that is weak on their team.

b)When 900 point salary cap is in effect you will only be allowed Free Agents that keep your team under the cap.

Disconnected/Dropped Games

*Any game before the 5th inning that freezes or gets disconnected will automatically be reset.

5th inning- If you are winning by 5 or more runs and the game freezes up or gets disconnected you automatically receive the win.

6th inning- If you are winning by 4 or more runs and the game freezes up or gets disconnected you automatically receive the win.

7th, 8th or 9th inning- If you are winning by 3 or more runs and the game freezes up or gets disconnected you automatically receive the win.


We are implementing a 5 Strike Policy regarding any game, rule or member complaints. 5 Strikes and you are outta here!

1st Strike-Verbal Warning

2nd Strike-Your Top 2 rated position players will be suspended for 5 games.

3rd Strike-Your Top 2 rated position players will be suspended for 10 games.

4th Strike-Your Top 2 rated position players will be suspemded for 20 games

5th Strike- You are dropped and banned from the league.

Salary Cap

90-100 Overall Rating will cost you 100 points

80-89 Overall Rating will cost you 50 points

70-79 Overall Rating will cost you 25 points

69 and below Overall Rating will cost you 10 points


Each owner will start out with 900 points as team salary!! Any team/owner that goes over 900 points will be suspended 5 games and players will be removed in order to get under the cap, Player that is removed will be my choice. This Must be followed Gentlemen. Its not hard to follow, just keep a notepad and a calculator handy come draft day. Any trades that are offered MUST not go over the 900 point team salary cap. Those that do will be denied immediately!!!! This is to keep the league fair and balanced with players. No Miami Heat type teams allowed.

COMMUNICATION is key in this league. What I mean by that is if you have an issue with another member or if a fellow league member sends you a message whether its a general league question or a game invite we expect all of our members to be respectful to each other in and out of the game!!! With XBL, AIM, Yahoo and our league homepage chat there are many ways to get in touch with each other so NO EXCUSES!!!

If a league member sends you a message/challenge trying to get a league game with you, you must respond whether you can play at that time or not. Ignoring league messages will not be tolerated. If I keep hearing complaints about the same players not responding to messages I will replace that owner right away, no questions asked. I wonít allow any inactive members to remain in this league.


a) This means you both need to be in a Game Chat, Private Chat or Party Chat. If problems a problem happens invite me into the party chat for resolution. If I'm not online contact me via cell/text.

All members must add all league members to their xbox friendslist. This must be done before the season starts!!! You can find all of the league members gamertags on the website, league section of the forums, or in the posted pitching rotation page. Failure to do so can result in being dropped from the league. Remember COMMUNICATION IS KEY in this league!!!!!

LETS PLAY BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!


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