S7 Forza 3 - Season 2 News

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S7 Forza 3 - Season 2 News

Post by S7 Interseptor on Sun Dec 19, 2010 3:14 pm

S7 Forza 3 Season 2 NEWS:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hard to believe we have come this far. As the new year turns, so does our Forza 3 Racing Division. We have had some great times and I looks forward to another year of competitive racing.

In terms of Season 2 news, I am happy to report that we have a few new members join in. Congratz for Chippy and Ninja for competing in there very first S7 Forza 3 Tourney. Both did very well for their first outing and I see a lot of potential for both of these guys. And with the C-Class wrapping up we head into the final half of the season. What's up ahead? B-Class, A-Class and the high point of the year, the coveted S-Class. From here on out things get a lot harder. Cars are faster, tracks are longer and only three Tourneys stand between you and victory. It's about to get tence.

Glock and I (Interseptor) and tied for first place with 2 Class wins each. Not far behind is a close race between, Wiggles, Epic, Sticky (who looks to be out for the season), Atrum and OC. And now with the additions of Ninja and Chippy it's still anybody's race to win. How will these new guys shake up the normal dynamic? Stay tunes and find out as Season 2 Continues...

Here are the season standings so far:

1st - Glock (36 pts)
1st - Interseptor (36 pts)
3rd - Wiggles (28 pts)
4th - Epic (22 pts)
5th - Sticky (16 pts) - Out for the Season
6th - Atrum (14 pts)
7th - OC (12 pts)
8th - Easy - (5 pts) - Out for the Season
9th - Chippy (4 pts)
10th - Ninja (3 pts)

Note: I have decided to start an all new Late Night Series starting after the new year. This will be a completely separate series and can be attended by any member of S7. Separate standing and records will be kept for each and will have no effect on the standings of our regular season events. The Late Night series is tentatively scheduled for Friday nights starting at Midnight eastern. Stay tuned for more information and details coming soon...

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