S7 Black Ops Breakout Tourney

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S7 Black Ops Breakout Tourney

Post by S7 Interseptor on Wed Dec 08, 2010 3:20 pm

The S7 Black Ops Breakout Tourney

Date: Tuesday, December 14, 2010 (in place of regular practice)
Time: Team selection starts at 8pm sharp
Game Setting: Gamebattels Rules (no grenade launcher, no flamethrower)
Game mode: Domination, CTF and TDM
Players: 3-6 players per team, depending on turnout
Maps: TBA (maps will be announced at the start of the Tourney)
Prizes: Official Inter-clan Tourney Trophy and maybe more...

Details: Ok, so this will be a 3 Round Bracket-style Tourney. Team selection will be random and selection will start at 8pm sharp (eastern) so do not be late. We will take a roll call and begin assigning teams. Members arriving late may not get a chance to participate if they miss this process.

Once the teams are selected they will be randomly selected for bracket placement and Round 1 will begin. This is a single elimination Tourney. Once your team loses, you are out. Winners will move on to the next and eventually final round.

Round 1: Domination - Best of 3 Maps. That is 3, 8-minute rounds, each on a different map. First team to win 2 maps, wins.

Round 2: CTF - 1 Map, 2 Rounds (one round from each side) with a Sudden Death round in the event of a tie. Sudden Death will be the first team to score one flag.

Round 3: TDM - 1 Map, 1 Round, 10 minutes, winner take all. Team with the highest score wins.

And that's it. Do you have what it takes to win? Show up and find out by pitting your skill and those of your teammates against some of the best players around. It's gonna take good teamwork and communication to take the gold. Good luck and have fun!

- S7 Black Ops Officers

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