s7 skinit contest

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s7 skinit contest

Post by S7 DROOPY on Wed Nov 17, 2010 10:05 am

hey guys, I have been wanting a cool skin for my iphone 4 and think a wicked s7 one would be cool.

so if you have any cool ideas go to skinit.com and login with my user name and password.
user name is: tatemiller76@yahoo.com
password is: s7clan

go to the site then click on the "design your own" select iphone 4 and upload your s7 pics and customize the skin. once your done with your design, just add it to the cart and then logout.

if you dont have an iphone 4, just make it for your device and ill see if it will work for the iphone 4.

you can make a general s7 one and a personal one if you want.

The winner of the contest will receive a free skin of their choice, either the personal one they made or the general one that wins the contest.

if we get alot of peps involed or I find out how many people have a iphone, than these skins will be prizes for up coming innerclan blkops tourneys.
thanks and I hope we get a lot entries


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