S7 Member spotlight for October

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S7 Member spotlight for October

Post by S7 OC on Fri Oct 22, 2010 2:30 pm

S7 Member spotlight for October
Gamer Tag: S7 Wiggles

Name: Eric

What’s your favorite video game ever and why?
I just can't pick one however, but I can do it in two.

Halo (Xbox) - This was the first multiplayer FPS I ever played. My first year in college,
I become friends with some guys that played Halo. I was a gamer all the way, just on the PS2.
I still remember playing FFA Rockets on Prisoner as my first taste of the Halo universe.
I was hooked, and will always have a place in my heart for the Halo series.

Hunter The Reckoning (Xbox) - Another game that brought me into the Xbox. In college, not long after my enterence into Halo,
we had a 12 hour gaming session and played through this game. It was 4 player Co-op, and if you don't know anything about this game...
buy it, get some friends, and play it on a stormy night... Awesome story, fun game play, a giant killer teddy bear, and more.

I guess, more than anything else, it was the whole social gaming end of things that makes me love these game.
Great gaming, and great friends...

What are your favorite hobbies?
I'm a huge sports fan. A great deal of my life revolves around watching or going to events.
New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, Tampa Bay Lightning, Boston Celtics, NASCAR, UFC,
Pal-Mac Football (My High School), Brockport Football/Hockey, and more...

Gaming of course - what i'm currently playing... Madden 11, Halo: Reach, UFC 2010, Forza 3, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock,
Fallout: New Vegas, Modern Warfare 2, Super Street Fighter IV.

What are your favorite movies, TV shows, and/or books?
Top 10 Movies (No Particular Order):
Super Troopers
District 9
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
I Love You, Man
The Big Lebowski
The Mothman Prophecies
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Office Space
The Jackass Trilogy

The movie list could go on for days...

Attack of the Show
The Office
Code Monkeys
The Ultimate Fighter
The Boondocks
Family Guy
Ghost Adventures
Iron Chef

Books: Sadly, I haven't actually sat and just read a book in years...

Favorite Food?
Depends on my mood... I pretty much like food lol...
A nice lobster dinner is always great..
But, I can be just as happy with some pizza or a burger..

Favorite Bands? I could never name just one... This list could easily be 50+...
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Breaking Benjamin
Avenged Sevenfold
Autopilot Off
Killswitch Engage
Reel Big Fish

Where is the coolest place you have ever been to?
As of now, it was a trip Casey and I took to Niagara Falls just about a month ago.
Watching the fall being lit up at night, and getting to actually stand in the falls,
during the Cave of the Winds tour was just incredible.

However, Casey and I have a trip in February planned for Las Vegas... that may win

What person do you admire and look up to?
I've always had two heroes, my father and Dale Earnhardt.

S7 Interseptor wrote:
What can you say about Wiggels? Well, as it turns out, not a lot. The d@mn word filter keeps getting in the way! (Just kidding ) But in all seriousness Wiggles is a great guy. He has been with the clan longer than almost anyone here and he is a great friend to many of us. Not always right in the mix but he is always present. Wiggles is a skilled gamer and one of those guys who can just pick up any game and pwn. We have been lucky to have him with us for so long and he is a real assest to the clan. Thanks for the years of service and here is to many more.



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