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S7 Member Spotlight

Post by S7 OC on Mon Sep 27, 2010 4:19 pm

S7 Member Spotlight

Our first member that we would like to spotlight is S7 Coolhand.

Name: Luke

What’s your favorite video game ever and why?
Just one? I can’t! I’ve been playing video games since Atari 2600 and TI 99 consoles, and online BBS games like Solar Realms Elite on my IBM XT, so it is too tough to say what my all-time favorite is.
PC: X-Wing series – way ahead of their time, these were the first games I went hardcore geek on staying up all night sometimes on gaming marathons.
MMO: Asheron’s Call – AC offered fantastic balance, game-play, and graphics with no zones to load and a huge, dynamic and original world.
Console: Halo series – starting with the local split-screen on Combat Evolved, the multiplayer has been amazing and the story line captivating!

What are your favorite hobbies?
I love to play soccer, shoot guns, and pwn noobs on the 360. I also enjoy biking on my hybrid, lake fishing, and floating the Illinois River and Barren Fork Creek.

What are your favorite movies, TV shows and/or books?
Movies: Star Wars - all of them, even the new ones; growing up I watched the original trilogy a ridiculous amount of times
TV shows: Lost, Heroes - I hope we get a Heroes movie; it killed me when they cancelled it.
Books: Stephen King's Dark Tower series – a 7 book epic adventure starring a Clint Eastwood style gunslinger.

Where is the coolest place you have ever been to?
Coolest? Buffalo/Niagara – d@mn cold in the winter. But my best trips have been to Oahu. Seeing the Pearl Harbor Memorial made WWII real for me. Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay is unbelievable. I also learned to boogie board.

What person do you admire and look up to?
Martin Luther King Jr. – he changed the world by promoting non-violent resistance, understanding, and tolerance.

What’s your fondest memory of gaming with the guys of S7?
There've been so many great times and laughing until my sides hurt. Whether I pull off a leet game winning move, or fail spectacularly, I can count on laughing about it with you guys. Recently, a very mccool S7 member hosted a bachelor party for me that was unexpected, hilarious, and well attended. I was very honored by my brothers that day.

Tico says:
"Coolhand is the kind of guy who you just enjoy playing with. Sure we all know he sucks at some games and alot of us are competitive, but he's such a cool guy, you really dont care if he goes 2-19 (JK!). However more times than not, this guy goes clutch and just pwns kids and gets game winning kills. He has a great mentality, isn't a sore loser, doesn't sound like a 10 year old kid, and is for the most part pretty normal . He's a respectful guy, but isn't afraid to tell someone whats up if it calls for it.

I have definitely enjoyed my time knowing luke and playing video games with him, and I (as well as the rest of us in S7) can genuinely call this dude our friend."


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