Best Buy Wants Your Used Games

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Best Buy Wants Your Used Games

Post by S7 Panzer on Thu Aug 26, 2010 5:55 pm

It looks like Best Buy and Target are joining in on Game stops trade in idea.

Responding to yesterday's news
that Target would soon allow customers to trade in used videogames for
credit at their store, rival retailer Best Buy today announced its own
trade-in program is going nationwide later this week.

The program will start in roughly 600 Best Buy stores across the country with additional stores being added soon after.

"The expansion of our trade-in program reaffirms our commitment to
consistently pursue new ways to bring a better gaming experience to
consumers," said Best Buy's Chris Homeister, senior vice president and
general managers.

"Fall marks the launch of several highly-anticipated gaming titles and
new technology, and we're thrilled to provide gamers with innovative
ways to connect with the games they love."

As a special offer beginning Sunday, August 29, customers who trade in
games will receive an additional $20 Best Buy Gift Card on top of the
trade-in value.

Best Buy says in-store credit can be used to purchase anything at the
store, and stores will soon begin selling pre-owned titles as well.

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Re: Best Buy Wants Your Used Games

Post by S7 Sticky on Thu Aug 26, 2010 7:24 pm

cool but that can only mean for sure EA is going to make you pay money to play online if you are using a pre owned game


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