Career CAF fighters overpowered again

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Career CAF fighters overpowered again

Post by S7 Wiggles1778 on Mon May 31, 2010 5:58 am

With THQ nerfing all the ratings this year making people like Anderson Silva, Lensar, Machida, etc just 79-80, you would think they could have done something so you couldn't max out a player in the Career or CAF mode. They didn't and using some VERY simple tactics you can get a fighter with an overall rating of 97+

During your Sparing Sessions, Choose Free, and just take down your partner, throw punches to the body without raising yourself up at all, counter transitions until you reach mount, move back to side control and repeat... you can EASILY get 100-150 points even if you fail a little...

Maxed bonuses, (playing expert and full rested fatigue), i'm getting 280+ points for my fighter...

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